Small Batch Series #5 - "Momotaro" - Belgian Wit with Peaches

Small Batch Series #5 - "Momotaro" - Belgian With with Peaches

Belgian Wit / ABV - 4.5% / IBU - 20 / SRM - 3

Brewmaster Brian is experimenting with something new in his Small Batch Series beers. These beers are not meant to be the best, most complex beers in the world. They are meant to be experiments with ingredients or processes that are unfamiliar to Brian and his German brewing education. Small Batch Series #5 is a Belgian Witbier with Peaches. Meaning "Peach Boy" in Japanese, Momotarō is light, crisp, clean, and soft on the palate thanks to a generous amount of wheat and pleasantly fruity from the addition of peaches.