Orenda - Volume 4 with Cranberries

Orenda - Volume 4

Belgian Brown Ale / ABV - 6.4% / IBU - 25 / SRM - 18

At Pollyanna, there's another side to everything. Optimism isn't just a fool's errand -- any true optimist knows that the world is full of intrigue and mysterious curiosities. We confidently venture into the deeper mysteries of fermentation because we believe that “crafted optimism” isn’t just for foolish hearts -- it’s for the curious spirit. The Orenda Volumes explore the oddity of brewing with the confidence that we will come out the other side wiser, more ambitious, and with renewed optimism. Volume 04 is a Belgian-Style Brown Ale aged in Cabernet Franc Barrels for 10 months. This version has Cranberries added to the barrels.